Kyle Hunter
AMS Certified Meteorologist and TV Host

Kyle Hunter is the award-winning on-air meteorologist and severe weather expert on both The History Channel’s national and international hit “Serial Killer Earth” and The Weather Channel’s very popular series “So You Think You’d Survive?”. He is called upon often worldwide as an expert on severe weather, hurricanes, climate, earth’s natural hazards (earthquakes, wildfires, tsunami, volcanoes, etc.) and social behavior and vulnerability to high-impact weather events and storm chases annually.

Kyle has three university degrees: a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in geosciences and meteorology, plus a Bachelor of Arts in political science with an emphasis in earth & space sciences. He ventures out to The Great Plains each year to storm chase and to study thunderstorm formation and social behavior during and after severe weather events.

The American Meteorological Society has certified Kyle and he has been named a Fellow of the esteemed Royal Meteorological Society in England. The Radio & Television News Association of Southern California has awarded Kyle twice their most prestigious broadcast journalism prize, the Golden Mike Award for ‘Best TV Weather’.

In August 2008, Kyle became the Chief Meteorologist at FOX 5 in San Diego, launching that station as the first-ever in the nation to be built in true High Definition from the ground up.

Prior to becoming Chief Meteorologist at FOX 5, Kyle worked for several years on-air in Los Angeles (KNX/CBS News), Palm Springs (NBC 6) and Santa Barbara (KEYT-TV 3). Kyle began his on-air career at age 17, as morning weather anchor at the CBS affiliate (WDEF-TV 12) in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. While a student at UCLA, Kyle hosted his own daily radio show on the university’s station (KLA), spinning records, interviewing guests and taking calls.


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